Sunday, November 30, 2008

Insurance to attract capital of banks

Many banks have voiced their concerns when investment-linked insurance products (ILPs), a potential competitor in raising capital is going to appear in the market.

High deductible health insurance maine

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December 15th, 2007 Henry Gottlieb New Jersey Law Journal December 14, 2007 A New Jersey lawyer who won a $45 million class action settlement last year from Horizon Blue Cross is suing the carrier in small claims court for not paying ...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Photography Insurance

I was wondering if anybody had insurance for there photography business? I'm registering for a business now and I'm trying to figure out what kind of insurance I need to protect myself.

News - A holiday from national insurance

Gary Hull, an national health insurance from National state insurance company, says a rise in the uptake of the scheme will mean a higher cost to the Exchequer, but companies need ‘clarity’ on how they can use it.

Liability Car Insurance Protects You

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My husband is looking for a term life insurance

My husband still doesn't have a life insurance all this time. Now, he is rushing about finding one so in case something happens to him his family won't have any trouble financially.

Insurance Agency

Independent Insurance agency in fast growing Jefferson county. This business has over 20 years of experience with one owner.

Friday, November 28, 2008

coverage premiums can vary as 300% among carriers at the Insurance ...

coverage premiums can vary as 300% among carriers at the Insurance Comparison Get Auto General (Personal lines, plus commercial auto, professional liability, environmental pollution liability to meet your Lowest Rates ; Car Insurance ...

Comment on Assignment 1 by Car Insurance Buying Tips - Best Auto ...

discount car insurance » Comment on Assignment 3 by auto insurance canada Â&raquo… had some great ideas in the post on car insurance.You can read a snippet of the story here.unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’sa quick ...

One Quarter Of Florida Residents Lack Health Insurance Coverage

One in four Florida residents younger than age 65 is uninsured, and the number of uninsured Florida residents of all ages increased by 38% over the past eight years.

Tony Romo's $30 Million Insurance Policy

What are you worth? Probably not as much as Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback who took out a $30 million dollar insurance policy on himself. read more.

Auto Insurance Companies Monitor Teens Driving With In-Car Video ...

Auto insurance companies such as Safeco, AIG, and American Family have started to offer programs to make it easy for parents to monitor their teens’ driving — with in-car video cameras and global positioning (GPS) trackers.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why Insurance Marketers Need to Take an Actuary's View of Products ...

Actuary Jay Jaffe describes how insurance marketers can become better contributors to profitability by focusing on the financial underpinnings of insurance products and what kind of marketing outreaches that product can support.

Do You Have Enough Liability Coverage? Consider Umbrella Insurance.

You read it in the newspapers all the time, huge payouts being awarded in lawsuits. But are your typical Property and Auto Insurance Policies enough to keep your assets from risk?

President Bush Vetos Health Insurance For Lower-Income Children ...

Yep, the President said he would veto the bipartisan bill and he did it without even having the guts to call a Press conference and do so in the public eye — he vetoed the bill from the comfort of the Oval Office with the door closed… ...

The Few, the Brave, the Opponents for Health Insurance for Kids

Broder ... The spectacle Tuesday of 151 House Republicans voting in lock step with the White House against expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) was one of the more remarkable sights of the year.

Life Insurance Coverage

The subject of life insurance can be a confusing one and we spend a lot of time discussing various ways to buy life insurance. How much do I need? How much will it cost? Will my beneficiaries have enogh to live comfortably?

Cost of Health Insurance vs. Education

Hospital and School image by Dipfan Inflation is clipping at a modest 2.8%; wage growth is slightly lower. But the two things politicians love to talk about — health insurance and college education — they’re booming!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saving Money On Insurance For Your Wheels

Buying a car is an expensive proposition. Not only do you have to invest a large amount of money, you also have to service it regularly and fill up the fuel.

Proposed changes to auto insurance

The Division of Insurance, has proposed changes to the way automobile insurance is regulated. A letter from the new Commissioner, Nonnie Burnes, outlines the changes.

Homeowner insurance under siege due to global warming

Many scientists are convinced that global warming is for real and we should take immediate action to deal with it, or it's just going to get progressively worse. It appears that they have a good point.

Displaced fire victims still seeking insurance settlement

Twenty months after a fire gutted the interior of a four-storey condominium apartment building at the corner of de Maisonneuve Boulevard and Melville Avenue, repairs are underway ?

AP - Lynchburg - Insurance Firm Cutting 85 Jobs

Nationwide Insurance is eliminating 85 positions at its Lynchburg customer service center by June of next year.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Maybe it should be compulsory as is the case re motor vehicles.

International Student Insurance

Having the right international student health insurance in place is vital for any student who is planning, or currently is studying abroad.

The Cost Of Car Insurance Is Set To Rise Again

The cost of car insurance is forever on the rise and it looks like it will continue to rise in the future, so now it is essential more than ever that consumers shop around when it comes to taking out...

Travel Medical Insurance

When my Grand Aunt (who is about 70) planned to visit Malaysia, her family was really happy for her. You see, the last time she came back, she tragically lost her husband.

Are Remittances Insurance? Evidence from Rainfall Shocks in the ...

Do remittances sent by overseas migrants serve as insurance for recipient households?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obesity 'can affect life insurance premiums'

Obesity can have a negative effect upon life insurance premiums by way of refused applications or higher premiums due to poor health, it has been claimed.

Florida Atlantic University explores using life insurance to raise ...

Boca Raton philanthropist Barry Kaye wants to help Florida Atlantic University raise $100 million through a life insurance idea that is being met with both excitement and skepticism.

Credit Scores determine price of Car Insurance

Remember when I mentioned this in the podcast, either the live Q&A or the show itself? Here is a video of it. And this just applies to car insurance. Anyone want to join in the conversation?

ASD Insurance Bill Passed

The South Carolina House and Senate overrode Gov. Mark Sanford's 11th hour veto of a bill requiring health insurance coverage for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Caps On Medical Malpractice Damages Cut Doctors' Insurance Costs

rate this article Caps on medical malpractice damages mean lower insurance premiums for doctors, according to a new review from two Alabama universities.

Ohio governor decline state's health insurance plan

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Gov. Ted Strickland, who took office in January, would now not accept the state’s health insurance advantage for employees as so many Ohioans are uninsured, a spokesman said.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Small Business Insurance Website Launched

Seventy-one percent of small businesses admit to being very dependent on one or two individuals according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) However, only 22 percent of small businesses have Key Per...

Home Insurance - MSN Money Central (

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Car Insurance Rates/Your State and Your Car Insurance Rate.txt

Could Where You Live Affect Your Car Insurance Rate? Not many people realize that the state, in which they live, actually has an impact on their car insurance rate.

BVI Offshore Tax Haven Attracts New US Insurance Companies

The new shareholder-owned insurance companies join a growing list of US insurers seeking to avoid taxes and regulation in their homeland.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Norvax Makes Working Health Insurance Leads Easier And Costs More

From insurance websites to insurance quoting engines and email autoresponders that can automatically include updated health insurance quotes, Norvax’ product suite lets insurance agents increase sales, cut administrative time and reduce ...

Individual Health Insurance Policy

individual health insurance policy. Home Owner Insurance QuoteOur website covers all the basics of home owner insurance quote - from beginning to end.

Broker Building Insurance

broker building insurance. Now that you have time to broker building insurance , visit our website and get all of the california whole life insurance and low cost term life insurance advice to help you along the way.

Best Term Life Insurance Quotes

best term life insurance quotes. Our website contains the most current data on best term life insurance quotes , with a complete compilation of informative articles and reviews.

A Different KIND of Insurance

Car insurance is one thing. You have to have it to drive a car legally. House insurance you need happens. Really. Take it from me. Plumbing happens. The other thing that happens is …well taxes and death.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Health insurance consolidation

Doctors are fighting health insurance mergers which are putting pressure on reimbursement. What I don't understand is that some of these physicians supper a single-payer system.

Insurance Sales Rep

Insurance and Financial Services Representative (City: Little Rock, Company Name: Mutual of Omaha)

rebuildable insurance cars

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Alomar backstop insurance (David Lennon/Newsday)

Alomar backstop insurance — PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - The Mets signed catcher Sandy Alomar Jr.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

[Supersport] 800 Supersport Insurance? {160541}

Any other midwesterners out there paying reasonable insurance rates for an 800 Supersport? Mine quoted me basically $1000 a year for full coverage...on an $8000 bike? I'm wondering if it's even worth carrying it.

President’s Budget Promotes Crop Insurance

The president’s FY2008 budget for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) released this week promotes the crop insurance program by stating that “The Federal Crop Insurance Program provides an important safety net that protects ...

The Continuing Need for Life Insurance

Last month's issue of The Wealth Counselor examined the various educational savings vehicles available to clients, including 529 plans, UGMA/UTMAs, Coverdell Education IRAs and life insurance.

Life Insurance Rates are Not Created Equal!

I had known that there was some variation for life insurance premiums, but was shocked to see a comparison page between 10 nationally known companies.

Cheap Auto Insurance in Michigan

If you have been using the same auto insurance for years, now may be the time to switch. More and more companies are now offering cheap auto insurance in Michigan, and they can give you substantial discounts just for signing up.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Life And Health Guide - MgrCentral Article Guides

Provides access to life and health insurance topics. Some information will be left out of this view, as when a carrier offers both life/health and property/casualty insurance types....

Letsure - Landlords Insurance and Tenants Insurance Services

Letsure Insurance Services for Tenants, Landlords and Agents in the UK.

CBIZ Benefits and Insurance Services, Inc. - LinkSV: Company

CBIZ Benefits and Insurance Services, Inc. - LinkSV: Company Summary

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Dinghy Insurance Boat Insurance - Dinghy - Sailboard - Sail

Dinghy insurance, boat insurance, sailboard, sailboat, sportsboat, yacht, in fact virtually all types of small boat marine insurance in the UK. Travel Insurance - Trip Cancellation and Health Most people don't really know what they're looking for in travel insurance they just want something to take care of them in case they can't make the trip or if something happens to them while on the trip

Hamilton Brewart Insurance - ARTICLE - Reservation-Of-Rights

Hamilton Brewart Insurance - ARTICLE - Reservation-Of-Rights Letters: A Risk Manager's Guide

Roger Welch Insurance Agency - Dallas Texas

Dallas TX homeowners, auto and life insurance agency.

Garage Insurance Finally - Autopia Car Detailing Forum

After alot of dissapointment and people not returning phone calls and those not willing to write GI I have finally found a company here in Chattanooga, TN that provides

search_result.php - Easily find professional insurance agenc

Easily find professional insurance agencies in Hollywood,California and surrounding suburbs.